Our Story

How We Met

Our story goes back to high school in Spring of 2000, where we first met, but our paths didn’t cross again until Marissa’s senior year in high school in (Fall 2001). That December, Chris asked Marissa to Winter Formal. When he picked her up that night he brought her what she claimed to be the best bouquet of flowers he has every given her (two dozen long stem roses), but Chris believes that is debatable, as he has gotten her many superior bouquets of flowers after that.  After the dance, they kept crossing paths in their extracurricular activities together such as clubs at school and volunteering at St. Joseph’s Hospital as candy stripers. (Although, it probably wasn’t a coincidence, since somehow whatever Marissa joined Chris magically signed up right after). With a little help from Marissa’s friend, Erin, eventually, Chris got up his courage to ask Marissa out on March 25th, 2002.

Chris and Marissa have been together ever since.  They both shared in each other’s college experience exploring both UCSD and UCLA, where they made friends that share in their lives today. Following their college years, they both moved back to Orange County and started their careers.  Today, they enjoy cooking, traveling, spending time with each other and their dog, Dell, as well as trying to find the best restaurants no matter where they  go!