Christine Van Zee – Maid of Honor
Christine and Marissa met at work and became fast friends.  Although they are as different as can be, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. They enjoy trying new foods together, shopping, and planning fun vacations to go on.



Christine Pham

Christine and Marissa met at UCLA. They both joined Kappa Delta their fall quarter of their freshman year. During their pledge quarter, they became friends but became closer friends over late night boba runs and rooming together in the sorority house during their junior year.


Erin Fine

Marissa met Erin in 5th grade at Linda Vista Elementary School and have stayed friends ever since. As the only two girls from Linda Vista to filter into their middle school, they bonded and became close. Over the years, they have created many great memories together including their middle school obsession with Winnie-the-Pooh, pizza/sprite nights in high school, attending boy band concerts as well as all the memories they shared at UCLA in Kappa Delta.


Kimberly Sethavanish – Sister of the Bride

Kimberly and Marissa grew up together fighting as most siblings do. As they have grown up, they’ve become closer and Marissa cherishes her relationship with her sister and is excited to share this special time with her.


Melanie Greenleaf

Melanie and Marissa met in college their freshmen year while living on the same dorm floor.  They also both ended up joining Kappa Delta their fall freshmen quarter and quickly became good friends over the years sharing many fun experiences together.

Tiffany Cerefice

Tiffany and Marissa met 6 years ago through work and got to know each other when they were both enrolled in the same life insurance licensing class.  From there they planned their first double dinner date at Zov’s and to this day love trying new restaurants together, throwing cooking parties and talking about their puppies!