Steven Park – Best Man

Steven and Chris have known each other since their freshman year of high school, where they met in biology class. Steve and Chris love playing basketball together when Steve is visiting home.



Andy Nguyen – Brother of the Groom

Chris grew up looking up to Andy and having to live up to the standards Andy set. He saw this as a way to strive to better himself and thanks Andy for being an amazing brother.

Chinhnam Hathuc

Chinhnam. cousin of the groom, is the youngest of four brothers, so when Chris was born, Andy thought he would let him try out being a big brother by sharing the responsibility of beating up on Chris. Together, they had fun picking on Chris. However, as they grew up, they created a close bond and are great friends.

Howard Chen

Howard and Chris met in 5th grade at Nohl Canyon Elementary School. They enjoyed playing handball together, monopolizing the court with their awesome “slicey” technique. Since then, they have remained friends, and were lucky enough to attend the same college.

Jeff Cerefice

Jeff and Chris met through Marissa and Tiffany, in a meeting at Zov’s. It wasn’t until a few more meetings when they became good friends. They share a similar sense of humor and a love of sports.


John Truong

John and Chris met in middle school at Cerro Villa Middle School. They enjoy healthy competition against each other and it has allowed them to push each other to always do better, even if it’s something as silly as a game of Hearts.